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Over the past couple of years, I've had the opportunity to work with some of most famous writers or speakers on leadership. In 2007, I worked on a project to bring in Ben Zander, who is one of the worlds greatest symphony conductors.

He was a delight!! I captured something that he said somewhere in a book or website regarding his book The Art of Possibility:

"....In the other model of possibility, you're looking for completely different relationships, not dominating survival images, but The orchestra is the symphony, which is the sounding of all the voices. And so in the model of possibility, you want to make sure all the voices are heard so the symphony and the symphony conductor become an appropriate model for possibility organizations. And that's a shift in being so profound that it actually is a kind of molecular shift. And it manifests itself in even the way people walk and use their arms and the way their eyes look and the voices and everything else because when you're standing in the we of symphony, you're in a completely different relationship. You're not looking to see who is winning and whether you're better than the next person."

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